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Built-in Modules

Our powerful modules are built in and ready to go. With Innodan's flexible modules, you don't have to worry about coding or plug-ins, ever.

Web Apps Made Easy

You can build basic web apps, thanks to the power of Innodan CMS. Possibilities include mini-databases, built-in searches and more.

A Helpful Integrated Site Search

A customizable search engine is something your customers will love. You can create all sorts of customized search engines and simply drop them into the search module page.

Photo Galleries

Our flexible and easy to use photo gallery allows you to make the most out of uploaded photos and includes navigation as well.

Track Spending

With Ad Rotators, you can create areas within a given web page that rotate advertisements. These advertisements can be in an image form, HTML or Flash. You can even track impressions and click through for measuring ROI.

24hr Self-Service with Announcements and FAQs

Would you like to have your website be a 24 hour news outlet? Thanks to Innodan, it is possible. Your customers can have access to press releases, news, FAQs and more.

Event Bookings Promotion and Management

Innodan can help you manage and promote your event bookings. Customers simply fill out our form and you can even collect payment as well. Additional features include automated follow up emails.

Point and Click Menu Building

Menus can get complicated, and we realize this fact as well. That is why we have easy point and click menu building with our Dynamic Menu System. When you add something new to your menu, it is automatically updated on your website without any additional work.