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Reporting and Analytics

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Reporting and Analytics

Innodan understands that knowledge is vital to the success of your business. We want you to be able to understand what is happening on your web site and why. This is why we provide comprehensive reports and analytics.

Leave the Coding to Us

Innodan CMS is different, we don't expect you to manually add complex tracking codes throughout your site or online shop, as many analytics packages require. Innodan gives you intuitive and powerful reporting tools that are always available to you and best of all are built in.

Know What Your Visitors are Doing

Knowing what your customers and clients are doing on your site is remarkably important for your business. Innodan can provide you with live, up to date information on the activity of your customers.

Analyze Your Online Performance

Through our Admin Console, you can easily track important information such as most popular products, newsletter subscription activity, top pages and much more.

eCommerce Reports and More

eCommerce reports as well as customer reports are data rich and thus are available to you at any time. This means always knowing exactly how your customers are spending on your website.