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Wouldn't it be great if there were an easy way to handle all of your content management needs?

What if this solution included hosting, building and managing your site? Innodan's CMS is a streamlined one-stop way to handle all of your online business needs.

Get started quickly with ready-made templates or by migrating your existing website to a modern and SEO friendly CMS platform. We can also help you design and setup you online business for you. Learn more about our website design services


  • Websites build for business
  • No expensive coding required
  • Design beautiful sites your way
  • Professional infrastructure, NO maintenance
  • SEO friendly web platform

eShop - Having an online business means that you want to not just reach consumers, but also have them quickly and painlessly purchase your goods and services. Innodan's e-shop means that you have flexible and powerful eCommerce capabilities at your fingertips.

Capture and manage customer information - Reaching and interacting with your clients and customers has become a vital part of e Commerce. Our CRM is fully integrated and built into our content management features, membership, web forms and eCommerce. The end result is that an easy way for you to interact with your customers without writing a single line of code.

Email newsletters - Email marketing allows you to reach out to your customers and potential customers in a truly impressive fashion. Thanks to Innodan CMS, you now have an easy way to send newsletters. Our CRM automatically creates a customer database, giving you the information that you need to grow your business.

Powerful modules - Our powerful modules are built right in. You never have to worry about any coding or installing plug-ins. With Innodan CMS, you have everything you need.

Reporting and analytics - Information allows you to make faster and better decisions. We at Innodan know that information is vital to business. You can depend on us to record every interaction and transaction you have on your site with customers whether it is through your email marketing, your e-shop or your webpage.

Flexible design and customization - Control and flexibility are at the core of what we do. You have total control over the design and look of your page, as our solutions provide you with access to all CSS and HTML system features. With Innodan CMS, you can create websites that are not just highly functional, but beautiful as well.