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CRM Integration

Powerful CRM integration, extending the value of your CRM solution.

If your company is using a CRM solution, we offer a wide range of integration options to connect your marketing and sales databases with the integrated marketing platform.

Extend the value of your CRM investment, with powerful marketing tools and real-time marketing intelligence attached directly to your contact database. The CRM integration keeps your sales and marketing database synchronized and up to date. View full email history, website behavior and lead scoring directly from within your CRM contact card.

Pre-build and 100% Supported integration

Our integrated marketing platform integrates with leading CRM systems including, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM and Sage's SalesLogic CRM.

    Our integrated marketing platform has been an AppExchange solution since January 2007. You get the ability to track and manage all marketing interactions in Salesforce and execute email marketing from within the solution.


  As a Microsoft Dynamics ISV solution, the integration is designed to work seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011.


  Taking its philosophy of deep functionality embedded into CRM to Sugar CRM, we offer the same quality solution at an affordable cost for Sugar CRM users.


  This connector allows for complete integration of marketing campaign response history and advanced email marketing within the SalesLogix CRM system.