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Customer Service - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you provide faster and more responsive service to customers by providing an insightful view and the tools required for effective handling of cases.

Customer Service Features

  • View all cases that relate to a specific client or company and categorize them with system generated unique reference/ticket numbers
  • Use scripted dialogues and guided business processes to deliver fast and precise service
  • Get a view of all tasks (phone calls, emails, appointments) relating to a case to enable any user to quickly get up to speed and resolve the problem
  • Store FAQs, solutions to common problems and useful information for your users in the 'knowledge base'
  • With customizable workflow tools, you can generate escalation rules so that any cases that remain unresolved are brought to the attention of team leaders
  • Manage service contracts and automatically trigger activities to help agents consistently deliver the right level of service
  • Functionality for handling email 'queues' such as ''
  • Enable cases to be assigned or shared to ensure the most appropriate support team member handles the case
  • Schedule services and resources to serve customers effectively
  • Provide high level visibility to ensure that all issues are resolved as well as to highlight any categories that could be a cause for concern

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