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Flexible Design and Customization

With Innodan CMS, you have total control over the design and look of your page. Our solutions give you with access to all CSS and HTML system features that you would expect… and more. You can create websites that are not just highly functional, but beautiful as well. That translates into more leads and more sales.

The Key Word is Customize

Innodan wants you to know that we understand your needs for a customizable and functional page. This means you can use any front-end technology you wish such as JavaScript, CSS, or Flash. We even have XHTML friendly modules.

Innodan CMS, Dreamweaver and You

Dreamweaver has earned its reputation. You can use our Dreamweaver Extension to get everything you love about Dreamweaver within the Innodan CMS environment! With the Dreamweaver Extension, customizing and editing templates couldn't be any easier. In addition, Innodan also supports FTP, which allows you to upload your entire site via your FTP client.

Site Wide Templates

Wouldn't it be wonderful if ever time you added a blog entry, a new product to your online shop or a new page it was simply skinned with your own custom CSS and HTML? That is possible with our Site Wide Templates. Website elements such as page headers, navigation menus and more are instantly skinned.

Customize Freely

Innodan's modules are all about customization. You can change the design and feel of your web page as you see fit. Since you have control over HTML layouts and CSS for each and every module, the power is in your hands.