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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Solution

Integrated Email Marketing Solution to design, send and track email marketing campaigns.

Permission based email marketing is a critical component of lead generation, lead nurturing and online marketing strategy. It provides a cost effective way to build a relevant and personalized dialogue with your prospects.

Integrated Email Campaigns

Email marketing from Innodan, differentiates itself from other email marketing solutions, by being fully integrated with your CRM contact data, website analytics and landing pages. This enable you to segment and target your email campaigns based on real-time marketing intelligence. Plus you can automate campaigns, to automatically email prospects based on their contact profile, website behavior and web form submissions.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • A cost effective lead generation tools, that enables you to target the right audience with personal and relevant communication.
  • Helps you scale your marketing communication and stay top of minds with prospects and existing customers.
  • Allow marketers to test and measure what works, to continually optimize and fine tune campaign execution.
  • Fully integrated with your CRM and web analytics, enabling you to automate multi-touch and trigger based email campaigns.

Email Marketing - Key Features

CRM Email Mass email integrated to leading CRM systems. Drip Email Campaign Drip-based campaigns (multi-step email campaigns)
Trigger Emails Trigger-based campaign- automated email campaigns.   Dynamics Email Content
Dynamic emails - automatically render content based on segments.
Email Templates
  700+ email campaign templates to choose from.   A/B Testing
  Split A/B testing.

Email Scheduling   Email scheduling and campaign calendar.   SPAM Check   Integrated with SPAM Assassin.


Social Media Sharing   Social sharing & forward to a friend.    WYSIWYG Editor
  Easy HTML WYSIWYG editor.

White Listing
High deliverability with white list management.   Private IP
Dedicated IP assignment available.
Bounce Management
  Email bounce management.   Segmentation
  Advanced list & segmentation management.

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