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We help our clients implement integrated marketing strategies, through the use of technology, data management and smart campaign design.

Why integrated marketing?

More than ever, marketing intelligence is the fuel that drives campaign success. Unfortunately for many marketers, marketing data is spread across multiple systems or managed in spreadsheets. The result is disconnected or obsolete marketing data.

All to often, marketing rely on vendors or IT to capture and manage marketing data. Landing pages can only be updated by IT and email campaign results are provided in excel by external email provider. Because of this, marketing often fall back on poorly segmented mass emails and ad-hoc campaigns without the ability to measure how marketing impact sales pipeline and revenue.

Integrated Marketing

Actionable Marketing Intelligence

Integrated Marketing Platform  

Good data management is not only about capturing data. Marketing intelligence is only useful if you can apply it to campaigns

With actionable intelligence you can...

  • Segment contacts based on website behaviour
  • Segment contacts based on previous campaign responses
  • Target communication based on prospects interest
  • Remove email subscribers that never open, click or interact with your campaigns
  • Monitor how prospects interact with your company across web, email, social media, as well as offline

Achieving this requires good marketing intelligence and integrated marketing communication tools for segmentation, website tracking, social media and email marketing.

Automate routine activities

Marketing Automation

Identify routine marketing activities and automate these activities to ensure timely follow up. This enable marketing to spend more time on more creative ideas and achieve more.

Automate activities like…

  • Using Trigger emails to auto-respond to landing page registrations
  • Create Drip campaigns to nurture leads though the buying process
  • Automatically remove unsubscribes from your email list
  • Automatically alert sales of hot sales leads

Tools build for marketing

With integrated marketing communication tools build for marketing people, you no longer need to rely on IT to create campaign sites, send html emails or capture website data. With all your marketing data and tools under one roof, you can focus on creative campaign execution and measure results in real-time.

Tired of being viewed as a cost center?

Because marketing often cannot demonstrate a direct impact on revenue, marketing is often viewed as a cost center. With an integrated marketing strategy, it is possible to measure the direct revenue impact created by each campaign.

Getting Started?

Because integrated marketing involves people, process and technology, it is important to start out with realistic goals. We help you through the entire process from planning, adoption to integrated marketing success.

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