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Convert web traffic into leads with landing pages

A landing pages is website page that enables you to capture information about website visitors.

A great landing page are optimized for a particular campaign or type if website traffic. This could be traffic coming from email campaigns or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Landing pages usually include a well crafted call to action and a web form.

Why are landing pages critical?

Because they help you convert anonymous website traffic into leads, they are an important tool for any digital marketer to build contact lists. Sending web traffic from email or PPC campaigns directly to your home page can be a lost opportunity, unless you have clear call to actions that prompts your web visitor to complete a specific action.

Templates make design easy and efficient for non-technical users. No HTML skill sets are required to create great landing pages that improve your conversion rates.

Benefits of using landing pages…

  • Convert anonymous web traffic into leads
  • Improve PPC ranking
  • Continually capture new CRM contacts
  • Progressively profile contacts
Landing Pages

Design and publish landing pages

Because the solution is designed for marketers, you can build optimized landing pages quickly and without involving IT. New campaign sites can be created quickly to support targeted email and PPC campaigns.

With landing pages you can…

  • Design your own HTML landing pages
  • Publish new campaign site in minutes
  • Setup trigger emails as auto response to web form submissions
  • Improve conversion rates with A/B testing
  • Use your own design and branding

By sending PPC clicks to targeted and optimized landing pages you can double your PPC conversion rates.