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Lead Generation

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Drive Revenue with Lead Generation

Lead generation is about taking an active role in generating new revenue. Lead generation is about finding new prospective customers, building a list of prospect that you can market and sell to.

Gone are the Days of Mass Marketing

Todays buyers are increasingly using the web, search and social media sites to find information about products and services before they buy. Lead generation is no longer about mass email blasting or cold calling. Your marketing campaigns need to be designed to respond to your prospects buying cycle. It's about getting in front of your prospect and earning their permission to engage with them in their buying process.

Web to Lead

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing are cost effective ways to making sure prospect finds your company when searching online. Once you start investing in SEO and PPC, you need to make sure you convert web traffic into leads using optimized landing pages. Learn more about Landing Pages

Capture and Follow Up

Once you capture online leads, it is important that you respond quickly and with a personalized message. Automated email campaigns will help you respond with a relevant and personalized message. Drip campaigns can be defined in advanced to help you engage prospects in a meaningful dialogue. With automated email campaigns, you get more time to focus on other marketing activities. Learn more about Email Marketing

Lead Qualification

Because each lead will be at a different stage in their buying cycle, it is important that leads are qualified. Qualified leads should go to your sales team. All remaining leads should be assigned to targeted nurturing campaigns to convert them into sales ready leads. With Lead Scoring, leads can automatically be qualified based on demographics, prospect behavior and BANT criteria. Once Lead Scoring rules are defined, leads will automatically be forwarded to sales or enrolled in nurturing campaigns. Learn more about Lead Scoring