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Lead Scoring

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Better lead management with lead scoring

Determine your prospects level of interest through automated lead scoring and routing.

Imagine if you could automatically identify and group all your leads based on their level of interest and readiness to buy. This way you can alert sales about the hottest leads and enroll the remaining leads into lead nurturing campaigns.

Help your sales team prioritize sales lead follow up. This way sales can focus on those deals that are most likely to close.

With lead scoring you can…

  • Score leads based in demographics and behavioral information
  • Automatically qualify and segment leads based on lead score
  • Automatically alert sales about hot prospects
  • Improve your sales lead management process

Effective lead management

Today, marketers use online marketing campaigns, Pay Per Click, online ads and SEO. As marketing professionals become more savvy at generating higher volume of leads, the challenge becomes how to manage, route and track the leads they are generating. With automated lead scoring and routing you can remove the complications associated lead management by creating a simple and effective lead routing process.

The 4 Buckets of Lead Data

Automated lead scoring can be based on 4 buckets of information...

  • Demographic - score your prospect based on account and contact information. Assign higher score to those with the right job title, industry, or company size.
  • Web Activity - together with demographic data, this is the best indicator of interest. Score leads based on "Number of pages viewed per session" and "Time on site in session". This is known as "website visit depth" and is usually categorized as implicit online behavior.
  • Campaign Response - score leads based on the email Open and Click Through rate. Learn who is responding to campaigns over time.
  • Landing Page Responses - assign value based on landing pages (web forms) submitted. When leads download content from your website, reply to surveys or fill in enquires online points can be assigned to monitor the interest and interaction.