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Multichannel Campaign Management

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Multi-channel campaign management

As the number of marketing channels grow, marketers are overwhelmed with the inability to manage campaigns that contain multiple steps and media elements.

It can be difficult to track a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign in and of itself, throw in print, social, email and web…and you can quickly become lost in a sea of unstructured data.

With the campaign management tool, marketers can plan, track and measure campaign results and ROI across multiple channel. Define goals and budget for each campaign element. Automatically measure, impressions, open, click, lead and revenue generated by each marketing channel.

Campaign Management Benefits…

  • Central campaign managment plan for all marketing activities
  • Automatically track campaign performance & ROI
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Measure both offline and online results
  • Track offline campaigns using personalized URL's (PURLS)
Campaign Management

Manage campaign spending

Effectively manage campaigns budget and spending for each communication channel. Budget and spending can be defined for each campaign activity, an is rolled up as a total for the overall campaign.

Measure marketing ROI

Maximize your marketing investments to positively impacts revenue. Measure return on investment for each campaign activity to learn how offline, web, email and social media impacts revenue performance. The ROI calculator and reporting features in campaign management module gives you the power to show the financial results of campaigns and sub-campaign activities.