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Engage in social conversations

Create & track discussions on popular sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get started with social media marketing using a number of tools that facilitate publishing, sharing and tracking content.

Take an active role in the social media space. Publish your own marketing content across social media sites. Track web traffic coming from sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and monitor who is sharing your marketing content.

Social Media Dashboards

Integrated Social Tools

Because you have all your marketing data and tools in one integrated marketing platform, it is easy to include social media in your marketing campaigns. Instead of just following the conversion, you can influence the online conversation with sharing and publishing tools.


  • Include sharing tools in emails and landing landings
  • Publish content using social media friendly URL
  • Track social media postings impact on website traffic
  • Monitor social media campaigns with social dashboards
Social Media

Tracking URL's

Publish marketing content across different social media sites, using short url's and track sharing and campaign impact.


Includes standard sharing commands for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. include sharing icons in all emails and inbound landing pages. Enable recipients to share with the click of a button. Once linkage is created, you can track inbound traffic to the site or asset from the recipient's social media site.

Social Analytics

Detailed Web Analytics allow you to track inbound traffic so that you understand the impact social postings have on your inbound web & lead traffic.

Social Campaigning

You can create long-term social campaigns and track all inbound traffic from multiple sites in a single dashboard. Leads generated from social media may then be tracked through the sales cycle to gauge the true financial impact.