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Web Analytics

Web Intelligence  

Turn anonymous web traffic into real-time marketing intelligence. Track website activity of individuals and companies that visit your company website.

Know when your prospects are visiting your website, learn what they are interested and how long time they spend on your website. With website tracking, you can monitor how much traffic your website gets and where the traffic is coming from. What do people search for to find your business and what social media sites are referring traffic to your website.

Because your website analytics is captured and stored together with your CRM data and marketing tools, you can easily create follow up campaigns that automatically email prospects based on their website interactions. Website data, is also used to automatically score leads to help you identify the hottest leads. Automatic alerts can be sent to marketing or sales to notify about prospect or customer website behavior.

With Web Forensics you can...

  • Track known and anonymous website visitors and behavior in real-time.
  • Receive automated email alerts with lead visitor web activity.
  • Use lead scoring to identify and prioritize sales leads.
  • Automatically enroll website visitors into pre-built email campaigns based on their web activity.

Web analytics dashboards and reporting


Once your tracking is setup, you can monitor web traffic and visitor behavior with customizable analytics dashboards and reports. Dashboards provides quick insights to overall web traffic, search keywords, referring domains and most visited web pages. With the lead analyzer and web forensics tools, you get real-time reporting on known individuals visiting your website, their page views, on-page duration and visit path.

Integrated Web Analytics Tool

A common challenge that many marketing professionals struggle with is disconnected and out-dated marketing data. Often web analytics data is captured and stored in 3rd party systems. Combining analytics with email marketing or CRM data is often slow or impossible. With web analytics software from Innodan, all your web analytics data is stored together with your CRM contact information. Look up any contact and view their website visitor history or create dynamic segments to target email campaigns based on campaign interactions. With integrated marketing data, your marketing data is actionable and ready to use.

How does it work?

Our website analytics tools are designed for easy implementation across all types of websites. To enable tracking on your website, simply include a small code snippet on your web page. Once you begin tracking, we provide web analytics training to help you get started.