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About Innodan

At Innodan, we help marketers and business owners find more prospective customers and grow top-line revenue. Our clients achieve revenue growth, through better lead management and actionable sales & marketing intelligence. We deliver on our promise through innovative marketing solutions, affordable monthly subscriptions and years of experience.

Through technology and innovative campaign design we help marketers plan, execute and measure effective marketing campaigns.

Disconnected marketing data is one of the biggest challenges for many marketers. Executing timely, relevant and personalized campaigns is a major challenge, when data is spread across disconnected systems like customer relationship management, web analytics and email marketing. As the buying process has changed, marketers can no longer rely on mass email blasting and one to many communication.

We offer a suite of marketing tools and services that enable marketers to plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns. With marketing tools designed for marketing professionals, marketers can update campaign sites, create landing pages and design html email campaigns, without relying on IT. With all your marketing data in one place, campaigns can be highly targeted and personalized, to engage your audience in relevant and timely conversations.