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Build great websites

A great website helps business owners fulfill business goals. As a result, we have provided you with the tools you need all under one roof to successfully create and manage your online business. Unleash your creativity and build beautiful websites that helps you do business online.

Time Saving Tools

Thanks to our modules, templates and pages, you can expect to save time and money. Our system have been designed to be highly flexible, intuitive and user friendly. You add functionality as your business grow.

Be Creative

We give you complete creative control over your web design, with access to the HTML & CSS of every system feature. Build your website based on pre-build templates or design based on bespoke designs.

Search Engine Optimization

We know that your customers need to be able to find you. Search engine optimization is key for online business, and our system to support excellent SEO best practices. Further, with Innodan CMS, you have such features as customizable meta-tags, 301 redirects and SEO other tools built in.

Tools You Already Understand

Innodan supports FTP for uploading and downloading your web pages, CSS, Flash, images and much more. Further, you can count on Innodan's Dreamweaver Extension. This extension integrates into your workspace and allows you to take full advantage of what Innodan CMS has to offer.

Easy Editing You Can Count On

Innodan provides you with an easy to use in-context editing tool that has been designed to make life easier. You see your website in the same way that your customers see it, and this makes for easy editing. Keep your website updated and relevant, without the need for HTML programming.

Web 2.0

Forums, comments, blogs and RSS have become vital parts of websites. Innodan allows for multiple blogs, as well as the ability to start forums, use RSS and post comments. Create an interactive online business that engage your website visitors.


What could possibly be more important to your eCommerce site and fulfilling the needs of your clients and customers than online security? Count on Innodan CMS to provide you with secure zone modules and paid membership functionality.