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Capture and manage customer information

With an online business build on Innodan's CMS platform, it is easy to grow your customer database every time your customers enquire or interact with your website. Web forms helps you easily capture infomation and the build in CRM helps you to effectively manage customer information.

A Powerful Web Form Builder

No matter what kind of web form you may need, Innodan has easy options for you. Our web form builder couldn't be any easier, more flexible or more useful. You simply choose your system fields, and then these fields are captured into Innodan's integrated CRM system. You can then collect payments, give customers access to secure zones and much more. It’s that easy.

Create Cases and Opportunities

Web forms should be easy to use. Our web forms can be configured to create cases in the CRM for specific purposes, such as managing your sales pipeline or managing your inquiries.

A Live Feed of Customers' Actions

Want to know what your customers are doing? Of course you do, and we can give you a complete view of your customer's activities on your site, ranging from purchases to forum postings to email marketing and more.

Centrally Manage Cases, Orders and More

Innodan wants to make your life easier. To this end, we provide you with a centralized place where you can see and manage all of their customer's activities.

Impress Your Customers with Workflows

Responding to customers in a quick fashion is a way to impress them, and we've just made it easier. Use multi-step workflows to notify of clients of new orders or web form submissions.

Quick Drill Down and Extract Data

Innodan has a flexible report generator for creating reports on numerous different kinds of criteria. One example of our flexible report generator in action would be a report on how many customers returned for a second purchase.