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Innodan has built its eCommerce capabilities directly into the CMS platform. This will save you time, hassle and money.

Sell More Today

No matter what product you're selling Innodan has you covered. Through Innodan CMS, any product can be sold, and this includes charging for download and Products.

SEO friendly design

We understand the relationship between SEO and eCommerce. As a result, search engines fully embrace Innodan's online stores. Our stores automatically generate a useful Google Sitemaps XML File.

Order Management Integrated with CRM

Our built in CRM system allows for each and every order to be linked to a specific customer's history. You will have a detailed ordering history for every client in your hands.

Powerful Analytics, Always Available

Information is power, and being able to get a detailed report on items, such as product popularity or order volume, is a powerful tool. Best of all, this is available without any additional coding.

Using Referrals, Discounts and Vouchers for More Sales

Great sales tools means more sales. Referral tracking, discount codes, affiliates and gift vouchers can help you see more sales. With Innodan, these tools are integrated and easy to use.

Enjoy Shipping Integration and Fast, Easy Billing

You can depend upon us for fast, easy billing and shipping integration. We can integrate your site with popular payment gateways as well as shipping providers.